Chios, the Mastic Island

Chios is a beautiful island. It is hospitable and calm. You will find there pleasant beaches, fertile lowlands and steep mountains. The southern part of the island is home to mastic gum.
Chios Mastic Island


Chios (Χίος) is one of the largest islands in the northeastern Aegean Sea. With an area of 842 km², Chios is one of the largest islands in Greece. It also includes two smaller islands, Psara and Oinousses.

Chios is known for its mild climate, beautiful beaches and many historical monuments. Above all, however, Chios became famous for resin obtained from the bark of the mastic tree, mastic. In its effective form, the mastic tree grows exclusively in the southern part of the island, whose economy, culture and ordinary life are closely related to the mastic. Mastic gum also gave the area its name - Μαστιχοχορια– mastichochoria (mastic villages).